Ron Yang

I am an Assistant Professor in the Strategy and Business Economics Division at the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business.

CV: Link (Updated July 2023)


From Market Making to Matchmaking: Does Bank Regulation Harm Market Liquidity? Review of Financial Studies, 2023 (with Gideon Saar, Jian Sun, and Haoxiang Zhu)  [Paper, Appendix, SSRN

Media: Bloomberg

Working Papers

(Don't) Take Me Home: Home Preference and the Effect of Self-Driving Trucks on Interstate Trade [Paper] (Updated May 23, 2023)

Awards: Urban Economics Association 2021 Student Prize (Honourable Mention)

Work in Progress

Costs in the Freight Railroad Industry (with Pedro Degiovanni)

Roadside Infrastructure, Parking, and Electric Trucks (with Frank Pinter and Sarah Armitage)

Teaching and Resources

Undergraduate Sophomore Tutorial: Deconstructing + Reconstructing Markets (Co-Instructor, Harvard University, Spring 2020)



Ph.D. Industrial Organization II (Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, Spring 2019)

Moment Inequalities Cookbook: Practical guide to moment inequalities and inference, based on "Alternative Models for Moment Inequalities" (Pakes 2010) and "A Practical Two-Step Method for Testing Moment Inequalities" (Romano-Shaikh-Wolf 2014).

Single-Agent Dynamic Discrete Choice: Discussion of construction, identification, and estimation of single-agent DDC models, using both Rust Nested Fixed Point and Hotz-Miller CCP methods.

Dynamic Games: Discussion of dynamic games estimation using Pakes-Ostrovsky-Berry Inversion and Bajari-Benkard-Levin Simulation methods, and Markov-Perfect industry dynamics a la Ericson-Pakes.


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